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The Flu Kills 300,000-600,000 People Each Year, The Coronavirus Has Only Killed 16,000 And Is Nearing Its Peak, Yet The Government Continues Escalating Quarantine Measures; Was The Coronavirus Released Intentionally In Order For Governments To Seize Freedom And Property?

I have been following the Coronavirus closely even before the mainstream media ever mentioned it, thanks to ZeroHedge, which has been providing in-depth coverage since the beginning. At first the Coronavirus seemed to be a scary threat, since it was said to be much more contagious than the Flu, and the mortality rate was supposedly much higher than the Flu.

However, the Coronavirus has been running rampant worldwide for 3 months, and the initial speculation that it is more contagious and deadly than the flu is not panning out. Data from Johns Hopkins University indicates that there are now 370,000 cases worldwide and roughly 16,000 deaths. Numbers have been rising rapidly this past week, and the government and the media is in a frenzy over these stats, to the point that businesses and jobs are being shutdown nationwide to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Let’s put things in perspective though by looking at the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic. The Swine Flu pandemic lasted from January 2009 through August 2010, and ultimately infected 700 million to 1.4 billion people, and killed between 150,000 and 575,000 people. School closures were very limited, and no businesses were forcibly closed.

Further, the regular Flu causes 300,000 to 650,000 deaths every year globally, and schools and businesses are never shutdown for the Flu.

Therefore, something is not adding up considering that the governments of the world are willing to cause extreme economic damage, via forcibly closing businesses, over a virus that has only killed 16,000 people so far, when the flu kills hundreds of thousands of people every year.

The government and mainstream media are saying that the reasons for these quarantines is that this is only the beginning, and that this is a crisis which will last months or even over a year, but based on the above chart, the Coronavirus is likely already reaching its peak in the United States and the rest of the world, and is likely to level off in the next couple of weeks.

Further, the symptoms of the Coronavirus are really not much different than the Flu, and when the Flu does kill people it is usually via attacking the lungs, just like with the Coronavirus.

Beyond the Flu itself, lower respiratory infections cause 3 million deaths per year globally. The Coronavirus is just another agent that can cause a lower respiratory infection, and it is not by a long shot the leading cause of death when it comes to lower respiratory infections.

Ultimately, if the Coronavirus gets way worse than current data is suggesting, it may end up causing as many deaths as a typical yearly Flu worldwide. That being said, the economic damage would be enormous due to the way governments are behaving.

Indeed, 14 million Americans already lost their jobs as of last week, and now the number is probably even higher. This is already Great Depression levels of unemployment and it looks to get much worse as the business shutdown orders keep rolling in. All the poverty and homelessness this will ultimately cause will lead to an untold amount of death and destruction, likely far more death and destruction than the virus itself will cause.

Considering how the government did not close businesses, schools, etc for the Swine Flu Pandemic or the Flu in general, which seems to be just as deadly as the Coronavirus if not more deadly, things are not really adding up. To be more specific, the government’s narrative isn’t adding up.

Things get far more fishy when considering Event 201, which occurred on October 18, only a couple of months before the first Coronavirus case. Event 201 simulated what would happen to the world if a Coronavirus outbreak happened, at a time when basically no one in the general public had even heard of Coronaviruses. In the below video a synopsis of Event 201 can be watched. Keep in mind this video was made in October.

Notably, Event 201 called for no vaccine to be made in time, for governments to seize supplies from the private sector, travel to be banned in the worst affected areas, for the economy to crash, for the government to step in and become the only source of money for corporations, for the pandemic to be labeled as a war, and for the internet to be censored to stop ‘misinformation’. Overall, Event 201 is eerily similar to what is happening now.

One big difference between Event 201 and reality is that after 3 months there were over 10 million cases during Event 201, but with the actual Coronavirus there are only 350,000 cases, and its been over 3 months since it started. Basically, the Coronavirus simulated in Event 201 is not as bad as the one we have now, but the government’s response is even more severe than in Event 201, which does not add up, since in addition to all of those other government actions listed in Event 201, the government is also shutting down most businesses and forcing people to stay at home.

In the most benign case Event 201 is completely a coincidence, but some analysts are saying that Event 201 was preparation for the real thing, and that the governments of the world conspired to unleash the Coronavirus in order to gain power.

Indeed, although it was originally stated that the Coronavirus came from a wildlife meat market in Wuhan, China, that market was actually right next to a Chinese bioweapons laboratory. Even a United States Senator explicitly called for an investigation as to whether the Coronavirus came from the bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan, and the White House ultimately called for an investigation to determine if the Coronavirus is bioengineered. One theory says that China stole the Coronavirus from Canada in order to weaponize it.

On the other hand, China is blaming the United States for unleashing the Coronavirus, which has caused President Trump to start calling it the Chinese Virus to put the blame back on China.

Regardless of which country unleashed the Coronavirus, it seems quite possible that the Coronavirus is a manmade bioweapon that was unleashed on purpose, and this happened only 2 months after Event 201.

Now the question is, why would any government, or even a coalition of governments, unleash the Coronavirus on purpose? Unfortunately, there is a lot of reasons why.

First off, the government is taking away freedoms and grabbing power at a drastic rate. For example, in the United Kingdom they are passing a Coronavirus bill which will allow police to detain people indefinitely without any trial, and all elections will be postponed indefinitely, in addition to granting government officials legal immunity. This effectively establishes a totalitarian dictatorship in the United Kingdom.

Other European countries like Spain, Italy, and France are acting similarly, and threatening anyone who goes outside with being arrested. Indeed, this is even beginning to happen in parts of the United States. It is unimaginable that people would receive criminal charges and get sucked into the system for stepping outside, but it’s happening.

Indeed, practically every developed country in the world is eradicating civil liberties in order to ‘protect us’ from the Coronavirus. These nations act as if these measures are temporary, but based on history, special emergency powers usually become permanent powers, since once the power is given over it cannot be taken away.

It gets worse. State and municipal governments continue to shutdown businesses in succession. This is causing tens of millions of Americans to lose their jobs. The government is promising a bailout check of somewhere around $1,000, but a journalist on ZeroHedge describes this situation quite eloquently: “Meanwhile America’s working people will get a whopping $1,000 bucks to tide them over until the debts pile up to the rafters and they’re forced to rob the neighborhood 7-11 to feed the kids. How fair is that? And don’t kid yourself: This isn’t a bailout, it’s the elitist’s political agenda aimed at creating a permanent underclass who’ll work for peanuts just to eek out a living. Welcome to Sweatshop Amerika!”

Indeed, worker’s wages and rights will be obliterated by the mass unemployment that is occurring now. People will be willing to work any job as long as its enough to barely survive, giving governments and corporations an unlimited supply of slave labor.

Further, the government is killing businesses with these quarantine measures. Simultaneously, the government is promising business loans to get businesses through this quarantine. However, businesses are going to need so much money that the government will end up effectively owning and controlling every business in the country.

As if that is not bad enough, real estate defaults will be coming en masse, from both individuals and businesses, and the banks and the government will be the ones who end up acquiring defaulted property for dirt cheap after the foreclosures.

Additionally, stock and bond values are in free fall, and the Federal Reserve has gotten permission to buy them all up using an infinite source of money, since they can print money at will, giving the Federal Reserve ownership of basically every corporation and property in the country.

Ultimately, the business shutdowns and quarantines are resulting in a massive transfer of freedom, power, wealth, and property from the populace to the government. The government may act like they are benign and only trying to help, but in the end they are winning big because of the Coronavirus. At the end of this, the government will own everything and have the power to arrest anyone at will, and the people will be working for slave wages and won’t own anything.

Considering all of this, including how governments are taking extreme measures to stop businesses and jobs despite the fact that the Coronavirus does not appear to be more deadly than the Flu, and indeed so far has killed 10-20X less people than an average yearly Flu, that Event 201 happened only 2 months before the Coronavirus started, that there is strong suspicion and evidence that the Coronavirus was bioengineered, and accusations that it was released on purpose, and that ultimately governments will gain vast amounts of power and wealth while everyone else loses, there are plenty of reasons to suspect that the Coronavirus is a global conspiracy.

Indeed, as I watch the news it feels like a script is being played out. Even though the streets are already mostly empty, the government keeps closing more and more businesses, bringing the economy to its knees and threatening the homesteads and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of Americans, and yet the death count from the Coronavirus is not even close to being as much as the death count from the Flu.

It almost seems that if this really is all a conspiracy and the Coronavirus was unleashed on purpose, by God’s divine grace the Coronavirus ended up being much weaker than anticipated, but the government continues to play out the script anyways, since this is the government’s chance at global domination, and the masses are buying into it, so the government will play out the script to its bitter end.

Speaking of God, the government has forcibly closed all Churches, Shules, and Mosques in the name of protecting people from the Coronavirus, so even religious freedom, which is the most sacred freedom, has been taken away by the government, for a virus which has so far killed way less people than the flu.