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National Outcry Over Nicotine Vaping Was Likely Orchestrated By Big Tobacco: THC E-Liquids Cut With Vitamin E Found To Be The Culprit

Nicotine vaping has become an extremely popular alternative to cigarettes in recent years. The premise behind vaping is that nothing is combusted, rather nicotine in combination with propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavoring is heated up by a coil so that it turns into vapor which is then inhaled. This is critically different than smoking cigarettes, since burning tobacco results in the formation of dozens of carcinogens.

It has been found that there are some carcinogens in vapes, since some chemical reactions do occur where the coil meets the e-liquid. However, these carcinogens are in minute amounts compared to any form of tobacco smoking, and risk can be mitigated by replacing coils before they become burnt up, and using a low wattage so that the vaporization process occurs at a slower pace.

Anecdotally, anyone who has transitioned from cigarettes to vape will report that their lungs have cleared up and they feel healthy again, whereas before they may have had chronic lung problems due to cigarettes and a feeling of weakness in general. There is no doubt that vapes are far safer than tobacco smoking, to the point that there is practically no comparison, while simultaneously delivering as much nicotine as cigarettes. Therefore, vaping beats past cigarette replacements like nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches, which delivered an unsatisfying amount of nicotine while keeping the addiction going, setting the stage for a relapse onto cigarettes.

The miraculous thing about nicotine vaping is it has put a serious dent in tobacco smoking, with the rate of smoking declining 20.9% between 2005 and 2018, equivalent to a drop from 21 out of every 100 adults to 14 out of every 100 adults. Indeed, vapes entered the market around 2005. This completely changed the game for tobacco users, since they could switch to vaping and never go back to cigarettes, rather than going through the cycle of tobacco withdrawal and relapse due to a lack of good alternatives.

Ultimately, it is clear that vaping is saving lives and giving nicotine dependent people a chance at a healthy life. However, Big Tobacco is not happy with this trend. In the past 4 years cigarette sales have continuously declined, to the tune of hundreds of millions of cigarette packs disappearing from the market every year, while vape sales have skyrocketed.

However, Big Tobacco is a $1 trillion industry globally, and they spend tens of millions of dollars per year in the United States alone on lobbying to keep the laws favorable for the tobacco industry. Clearly vaping is an inevitable existential threat to Big Tobacco, so of course these lobbyists would do everything they could to suppress the vaping industry.

Big Tobacco got their perfect shot at destroying the vaping industry when reports began to roll in of a mysterious lung illness caused by vaping. So far 2,290 people have damaged their lungs and 47 people have died.

Without waiting for any evidence or research, the Trump administration immediately readied a ban on flavored nicotine vapes. Most politicians rallied around Trump in favor of this, as well as the mainstream media. The debate also quickly moved beyond the lung illness outbreak, and into how the nation needs to ban vapes to protect the children.

Many states immediately enforced varying degrees of vape bans, including Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington. A bill was even passed in the House to ban flavored vape products, although it is not yet a law and hopefully never will be.

The theme of these bans was to eliminate all vaping flavors, including menthol, leaving only tobacco flavored vapes. This makes it all too obvious that this was a scheme by Big Tobacco all along, where the attractive vape flavors would be eliminated and only the worst flavor, tobacco, would remain. Perhaps Big Tobacco thought this would make vape users get a taste for tobacco again and switch back to cigarettes.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally figured out what really caused the lung illness. Vitamin E acetate was found in all of the biopsy results, in addition to 82% of the biopsies containing THC.

Essentially, the outbreak of vape related illnesses had been caused by unregulated THC e-liquid. Apparently manufacturers of this blackmarket e-liquid would cut the THC with Vitamin E acetate to bulk up the product and make more money.

Therefore, there is now solid evidence that nicotine vapes had nothing to do with the outbreak. The CDC still says however “The only way to assure that you are not at risk while the investigation continues is to consider refraining from use of all e-cigarette, or vaping, products.” This is a nonsensical statement, since the CDC themselves recognizes that the Vitamin E acetate contamination is only associated with blackmarket THC e-liquids. The CDC goes on to tell vape users that they should not go back to cigarettes while taking a break from vaping, and should consider the alternatives like gum, lozenges, and patches, which are extremely expensive and do not work.

Fortunately, President Trump is now coming to his senses, and is walking back his comments on banning vapes. Trump recognizes that if vapes were banned it would generate a huge black market, which would cause more cases of disease due to production of makeshift e-liquid, as opposed to keeping e-liquid legal and regulated so that it is safe. 

Also, most of the 9 states which jumped the gun and banned vapes to varying degrees have rolled back the ban, aside from Massacdusettes, Rhode Island, and Washington. It is unfortunate that vape users in those states are forced to either get unsafe black market e-liquid or to smoke cigarettes, which is exactly what Big Tobacco intended.

Zooming out on this whole situation, it is insane that the President of the United States, several state governors, numerous politicians, and the mainstream media rallied against nicotine vapes, considering that tobacco smoking kills 15 people every minute. In 4 minutes 60 people die from tobacco smoking, far more than the total deaths from this outbreak that caused so much outrage across the country. In-fact, tobacco is essentially the leading cause of death on the planet, except that the WHO and CDC cook the books by not counting tobacco as a disease, even though it is.

If the President and all of these other politicians care so much about public health, then why are they not on a rampage against the tobacco industry and calling for a complete cigarette ban right now? The answer is money, either in the form of tremendous tax revenues or outright bribes. The politicians of this country have chosen time and again to make money rather than save lives, and in the process tried to ban a miraculous alternative to tobacco smoking, i.e. vaping, based on a hoax that was quickly revealed to have nothing to do with nicotine vapes.

The fact is nicotine vaping saves countless lives, and tobacco takes countless lives. If the government would have succeeded with a vape ban it would have been equivalent to murdering millions of people.