The Cancer Herald

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Medical Malpractice, Negligence, And Greed Led To My Mother’s Death From Cancer

The Cancer Herald seeks to expose the truth to save lives, including raising awareness on environmental factors that cause cancer which are not discussed enough, analyzing the various medicines, both mainstream and alternative, that can be used to combat cancer, investigating all of the types of cancer and how to identify them early and treat the symptoms, as well as the systemic problems in the oncology and chemotherapy industries that are costing the lives of millions of people.

The reason I am launching The Cancer Herald is because my mother died from cancer, and her death could have possibly been avoided, and at the least her situation was made far more difficult by medical malpractice, negligence, and systemic greed in the chemotherapy industry. I am passionate about preventing other people from going through what my mother and family went through.

It started when my mother came to my college to help me pack my things and go home at the end of Graduate school. As she drove me home I noticed that she was visibly shaking. This shaking only worsened, and before long it was interfering with my mother’s ability to function and enjoy life. My mother went to many doctors, who gave her medicines and treatments for diseases that she did not have, and the shaking only got worse.

I then asked my mom if I could access her medical files on her Cleveland Clinic online account, so that I could try and figure out what was really going on with her. I found out that a doctor had conducted a Pap smear over a year earlier, which is a common procedure to diagnose cervical cancer in women.

To my shock, the results showed malignant cells and the possibility of endometrial cancer. The doctor who had conducted the test was either lazy, too busy, but regardless completely negligent, and never followed up with my mom. The cancer could have been stopped very early if this doctor had simply done his job.

The first important lesson I learned from this is to never trust doctors. A patient needs to review their own test results and lab work in order to make sure that the doctor is not missing anything, and a patient’s life can depend on this. The same principal applies to medicines and treatments that a doctor orders, as well as any diagnosis. A patient must always be critical and aggressive to get the treatment they deserve.

I reported the results to my family, and demanded that my mom go through a series of blood tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in order to conclusively diagnose the cancer and stop it in time. My family derided me for scaring them and my mother like that, they told me how I am not a doctor and cannot say stuff like that, even though the test results for the Pap smear were obvious.

The process of going to doctors to get approved for the tests was very slow, and the insurance company did everything they could to slow down the process, even rejecting requests for the MRI multiple times, even after the blood tests showed traces of protein which may be indicative of cancer.

Finally, the MRI was done, and it revealed tremendous tumors spreading from my mom’s uterus and destroying her body. Notably, she was already in a ton of pain at this point aside from the shakiness.

It took a long time for a surgery to be scheduled, and before the scheduled date my mom began bleeding profusely out of her uterus. She almost died, and had to be rushed in for emergency surgery to remove some of the tumors and stop the bleeding.

I was too scared to go to the hospital for it, because it was highly uncertain if my mom would survive. My dad and sister were there though, and when the doctor pulled out one of the tumors he remarked that it does not look like cancer, and further told my family repeatedly that the tumors were benign. It is extremely unprofessional and negligent to simply look at a tumor and say it is not cancer, since a biopsy needs to be done. My family then proceeded to outright attack me for saying my mom had cancer and giving them all stress. They felt validated by the doctor saying the tumor was not cancer.

It took literally months for the biopsy to come back, and it showed that my mom definitively had cancer. Finally the rest of the family came down to the level where I was, I had been in fear for my mom’s life for many months already, and finally they were too.

My mom had to have another surgery to remove the tumors and her entire uterus, she was permanently weakened after this. It could have been prevented if the Pap smear from well over a year before that had been properly followed up.

Worst of all, the cancer was still spreading throughout my mom’s body after the surgery. The doctors offered no treatments for this, and scheduled a chemotherapy appointment months out to give my mom ‘time to heal’, even though during this time the cancer was rapidly destroying and weakening her. Cutting into the tumors caused the cancer to rapidly spread to the rest of her body.

I stopped all my work and began to research all of the possible cancer treatments. I spent day after day doing this, and often slept very little, for weeks. I eventually determined that sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) was the best chance that my mother had to survive. I determined that radiation was barbaric, and chemotherapy would have killed her since she already had a neurological condition causing severe shaking.

It took lots of fighting with my family to convince them that DCA was the right choice. My mother was on my side and trusted me though, and we began administering DCA twice every day. Time was of the essence, since soon the chemotherapy would start.

My parents went to the first chemo appointment. They put my parents in a special office where the Cleveland Clinic offered to mortgage the family house to pay for the treatment. The doctor then gave my parents a list of medicines and treatments they were going to use, including many rounds of radiation and neurotoxic chemotherapy drugs.

Literally, the hospital was planning to steal my family’s house to pay for treatments that would probably kill my mother.

The 2nd appointment then came, and this was a critical appointment since my mother was going to meet with the doctor to initiate treatment, possibly receiving the first dose of chemo and radiation that day. I did heavy research on the chemo drugs my mother was to receive, determining they would instantly cripple and then kill her. It was irresponsible and negligent to prescribe highly neurotoxic drugs to a patient that was already neuropathic.

We met the doctor, and the doctor described the course of treatment. I interjected by handing the doctor at least 20 research papers on how he cannot give these drugs to a patient like my mom. I did not allow him to administer any medicine.

The doctor was persistent, so I sent the research to everyone at the Cleveland Clinic, and then they backed off.

During this whole time my mother had been taking the DCA, and was getting healthier. I demanded another round of MRIs and blood tests to determine how the cancer was progressing, and this request was rejected by the insurance company multiple times, since they did not want to spend any money on tests until chemo and radiation was underway.

Eventually my mother got the MRI, and the tumors were miraculously shrinking. An MRI a couple of months later showed that all tumors were gone, all thanks to the power of DCA. We were open with the doctors about the DCA, but they did not believe in its efficacy despite the obvious results.

My mother then had an entire year where she was healthy and functioning, and enjoying life. However, the doctors kept on insisting that she stop taking the DCA. My mother kept asking me if she should stop, and I kept saying no, that she had to take it for many years or life.

The doctors convinced my mother and my dad that the DCA was the cause of the shaking, even though the shaking had been a problem well before the cancer was diagnosed. My mom and dad no longer listened to my pleas that the DCA had to be continued.

My mom stopped taking the DCA, and she quickly became severely ill, then paralyzed, and was dead only two months later. As soon as the DCA was stopped the cancer spread everywhere.

Finally, a system which has billions of dollars of funding and thousands of trained medical professionals had killed my mother. From the beginning to the end the health and insurance systems did things that led to my mother’s death. They did nothing to save her, and everything to kill her.

I wanted to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, but was given no chance since the day my mom died all of her hospital records were permanently deleted from the online account.

After my mom died, my family fell apart and has never spoken to each other again, and my life fell apart for years as well.

Now my goal is to help as many people as I can to avoid cancer, treat cancer, and to properly navigate the system. If The Cancer Herald can help even one person I will consider it a success, and the goal is to help the entire world. The science and technology is there to help people with cancer, if it is used properly instead of being suppressed by greedy corporations.